Team Members

Bart Cutino

Bart Cutino was born and raised in beautiful Monterey, CA and is a longtime researcher with the BFRO, AIBR, Bigfoot Discovery Museum and now Co-Founder of the Sierras Evidence Initiative. He's one of the first persons to have a definitive sasquatch encounter with the use of proprietary heat-sensing equipment (thermal) which happened in the Washington State Cascades in 2007. As a result, thermal imagers are not only Bart's primary field research tool, but he's been helping facilitate getting researchers throughout the bigfoot field, access to thermal equipment at the best pricing available. In the last decade, he's researched up and down the Pacific Northwest with hundreds of fellow researcher friends and peers from both national and regional organizations, including and especially with the three male cast members of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" series. He recently co-founded The Sierras Evidence Initiative, a collaborative effort focused on both a long term study site location (near "Sierra Kills" event) in the Northern Sierra Nevadas of CA, where he recently obtained potentially the longest footage (thermal) on record of multiple sasquatches loitering near his team's camp, in addition to contracting with multiple North American labs for both current and future DNA processing analysis.

Bart's primary and long term goal is aggressive pursuit emphasizing obtaining damning thermal video documentation and or forensic evidence. He considers himself a "skeptical-knower," knowing absolutely (from a personal standpoint) that these animals exist and even thrive based on his definitive field experiences throughout the last decade, but having little confidence in the current historical evidence record which possesses very questionable evidence collectively overall. He also believes that those attempting serious research should educate themselves in biology, ecology, tracking and scientific protocols to confidently and objectively evaluate and exhaust evidential claims and not concede until only one alternative is left standing. Although he considers himself "no-kill," species protection is admittedly a secondary priority because it not only conflicts and contradicts with his primary objective of discovery but will naturally be addressed at the Federal and State levels after the fact (species recognition).

While not out in the field, he enjoys lecturing locally in California on methodically breaking down common public misperceptions regarding the bigfoot subject & his personal field experiences and objectives. Bart still currently resides in Monterey with his wife Kimmy and two children, Bella and Tony. By day he's a financial advisor/estate planner with NCW Group Wealth Management in Monterey.

Justin Smeja

Justin Smeja is an avid hunter and licensed guide. Now known  as the infamous "shooter" in the Sierra Kills event, Justin has become an active member of the bigfooting community. Originally from Texas and now residing in Northern California, he is the co-founder of the Sierras Evidence Initiative

Ro Sahebi

The newest member to the sasquatch community in the group, Ro Sahebi is a multimedia professional from the Los Angeles area. He has quickly made a name for himself as the producer and creator of the EXTINCT? Podcast and webseries, as well as being the editor of, and now co-founder of the Sierras Evidence Initiative.

After interviewing Justin Smeja for the movie "I Killed Bigfoot", he initiated the documented polygraph exam featured in the short film," The Examination". It was not long after when Ro began to spend time in the Sierras with Justin and Bart Cutino to continue filming and reporting on the ongoing research efforts. His background as a musician and filmmaker brings a fresh perspective to the field, delivering quality professional content rarely seen in the bigfoot community.

Tyler Huggins

Unlike many researchers, Tyler had no active interest in the existence of this animal prior to his first encounter. He has been researching Sasquatch since that encounter in 1991. Colleagues know him as someone who has the utmost regard for scientific methods and critical thinking and who approaches his work with uncommon (and not always appreciated) skepticism, objectivity and candor. Inquisitive open-mindedness and resourceful persistence have garnered the evidence and experience he has accumulated to date. Highly valuing competency, he contracted one of North America’s most reputable forensic DNA labs to analyze tissue allegedly from the “Sierra Kills” casualty, and hopes that continued work with other evidence from that incident will prove to be another straw on the unyielding back of public and scientific ignorance.

His primary research areas include the eastern foothills of Southern Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, but he has an ongoing interest in the area surrounding the “Sierra Kills” incident since attending the body recovery efforts with Justin Smeja, Jeff Meldrum, Bart Cutino, John Myonczinski, Derek Randles et al. Tyler also has a keen interest in audio evidence attributed to this animal, since he feels it can teach us more about the animal’s behaviour than just short clips of video.

He also has no interest in profiting from his efforts, and feels the field would benefit from more altruism, transparency and cooperation.

Shawn Evidence

Shawn Evidence entered the bigfoot arena in 2010 with the launch of the Bigfoot Evidence blog. Coming from the online gaming field, it was clear that he had a knack for the blogging world. Within 2 years, his blog has become the number one Bigfoot blog in the US. He brings to the team his expertise in research, promotion and presentation. Currently, Shawn continues to grow his knowledge base on the subject. He is co-host of the Team Tazer podcast, EXTINCT? and he has begun training in the field with Bart and the rest of the Initiative members.